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Where Snow Flows with Fire – Dreamsong


The twelve days and nights of Christmas, bewildering dreams, in search of love and its meaning. The thin ice on sleep's lake, where snow flows with fire.. snow, fire, dreamsong, the dream songs, dream songs, dream song, dreamsongs, dreams song, songs dream, song dream, the dream song, dream song lyrics, dream the song, dream dream song, dreams songs, a dream song, best dream songs, song called dreams, spiritual poetry, meditation, spiritual development, spiritual enlightenment, Jay Landar, light on the page,, ascension, wisdom, romance, beauty, inner being, heart, heaven, soul, higher selfIn these bewildering nights where vast dreams turn like storms in their sleep, you might find yourself in search of love and its meaning. Everything is changed, nothing stays the same. The wise man grows foolish, the foolish wise. Nothing is itself any more. And the year goes forth from here! If you can tell me how not to break that thin ice on sleep’s lake I will cross and return with love’s meaning in my keep. But Swan and Maiden have taken the red silk from my heart and sent me where snow flows with fire. Will I reach it? Will I return? Or will the black ice crack?

If you can wake in dreams even while the ice cracks, and feel the fire kindle your blood, and watch while it brightens the lake like a sun, then you might return. But Swan and Maiden are here in the waking world too and they wear the red silk of your heart.


Where Snow Flows with Fire

I searched through the night for the light of love
where it lay in the sky’s deepest blue;
the Swan and the Maiden, who dream awake,
took my heart’s red silk for their wings and sleeves.
‘Beyond the north, where the stars flash green,
you must go, and stand where snow flows with fire.’
‘How can I dream as you dream,’ I asked,
‘when the ice on sleep’s lake is so thin?’
‘Sing where you glide, the song first in time,
and the ice will be black and thick below.’
Then even as they spoke I knew the song,
with its words bright as wandering stars,
its music born in the deep start of time,
and I sang, and am singing still now
while I wake in fiery dreams of white snow.

Not the song but my singing grew old
and the ice on sleep’s lake cracked across.
Then I fell where the blackness conspired
to be first before singing or song.
How white was snow, how green the flashing stars
above my head, and red silk streamed away!
Now alone I will watch for the fire
that flowed from snow, that kindled my blood,
that has brightened the lake like a sun.
And love in its night of deepest blue
will fold light where the heart left its silk.


Best wishes, today,

©Jay Landar 2013. All rights reserved
You are welcome to quote from Light on the Page on the condition that you cite the author and the source: Author: Jay Landar. Source: For other permissions please contact the author.

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One Response to “Where Snow Flows with Fire – Dreamsong”

  1. Stella B 11. Feb, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    Beautiful Jay! Thank you.

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