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Best Love Poems

The best love poems need no recommendation. They speak for themselves in the soft, invisible language of the rose. The best love quotes are timeless things, indelibly etched into our memories. They may be from the world’s most famous love poems. They may be those simple I love you poems that spring from the passionate heart with no stylistic claims. But for anyone who quotes love there is one requirement: to know love in all its beauty and truth, its pain and its exaltation. The best short love poems are those which you love most. The best love poems as such are those which are printed on the world’s heart forever. Read on for the best love poems in Light on the Page…


No one who pens a love poem would claim that their work ranks among the best love poems in the world. That is not the intention. The poem speaks quietly from the heart to the heart and has no wish to spread itself about the globe. However, purely in the nature of things the lover wants the world to know of that feeling which surpasses all others. He wants the world to know that he alone feels it for that one special person. And he (or she) wants the world to know how special that person is.


The following are love poems from Light on the Page. They make no claim except to come from the heart. They are all dedicated to H.W.






So do I love you? More than rivers

love their channel, their next bend,

the thought of open sea. More than stars

love their heaven, the touch of earth,

their quickening in a child’s eye. You are

my destination, my path, my arrival.

Have I come from any source or constellation

to be with you? Only one we shared

before water tumbled into life, before

stars had thought to give themselves to space.

Will we go back together there? When

love has turned its corners, sped through channels,

glimpsed its heaven, its sea, its earth, its eye,

then. So do I love you? More.





And if you had a balcony

and I was a songbird

I’d light on some faraway briar

and chant until a snatch of melody

woke you from your sleep at dawn.

And my melody would be clear and true

as your eyes, soft as your breathing,

warm and passionate as your pulse.

So when you were alone in the hours

between dusk and first light or the long

slow morning, you would hear my song

in your head, in your heart,

like the purest dream, and know

that I would never leave you.



To Walk With You


In the first light of the morning you come,

soft as the air, bright as the sun, and clear

as a waking dream into my new day.

And as the stars love the night into gold,

and as the spring feels the flowers from the ground,

so I call my life back into being,

to walk with you and clasp your hand in mine.





You took my sadness from me, left my heart

a shining gift which now I give to you.

And like its namesake – hart – it will depart

for love’s deep forest only if it’s true.

Its truth it finds when going along beside

a second self, a hart with boundless love,

which knows its peace and happiness reside

with forest green around and sun above.

So let us be one heart and chase the spring

which fills the world with buds of life and hope,

caressing leaf and flower until they sing

of love reborn and cover every slope.

Then in a splash of sun we’ll take our rest

and hart with hart will know how each is blessed.



True Love


No bird in the tree has more absolute need

for her pair that she sings to in autumn

than I do in fall when the red leaves bleed –

and she found her true love when she sought him.

Ever away in the short summer nights

he returns with the flame she first brought him.

I know in my heart when the first frost bites

that she found her true love when she sought him.



With love, today,





All the work in Light on the Page is protected by copyright. You are welcome to quote from these poems on the condition that you cite the author and the source:

Author: Landar


For other permissions please contact the author:


©landar 2011. All rights reserved





Best Love Poems




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4 Responses to “Best Love Poems”

  1. T Roberts 09. Oct, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    Thanks. I’d echo the sentiments!

  2. Rosemary 09. Oct, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Some beautiful things here. I might quote a few of these lines if you don’t mind – with your name of course.

  3. Darling 13. Oct, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

    There is no better poet than you.

  4. Mike Evans 16. Jan, 2012 at 6:14 pm #

    “Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.”

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