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Embodiment of Light

The embodiments of light, wind, sun and earth and what they say about the presence of self in past and future - being-hood and angel-hood..

Light, Wind, Sun and Earth

I watched for the embodiment of light in a flooded field. I saw reflections of cloud and sky – but light just manifested in them and passed on. I saw patterns of rippling shadow – light thinks itself in these, like a puzzle to be worked out. It has no time for people who have no time for it. For those who stop and look, light will incarnate with grace and patience.

The incarnations of wind? A length of washing-line tapping on its pole; a rusty squeak of gate catching an ancient beat of the Atlantic; the whispering of thoughts where they follow its will, like leaves through air. How truly it shows itself in the space between squalls! I see its face: lines of wisdom, mouth caught between smile and frown, eyes which glow with the love of movement and form.

Embodiments of sun? In every living thing and no exception. It manifests on surfaces but keeps self in life and understanding, growth, song and strength. I am sun’s expression and it writes on me more thoughtfully than I write on these pages. It comes looking for me in the dull morning, it knows when I’m alone and stays at my side. It shelters those intentions not yet conceived. But more than this the sun is embodiment of things not named, which will not descend to use.

Who can tell of the incarnations of earth? The man who lives between himself, where senses vanish. But already those lives are distant. I’m lost to myself in thinking about it. Incarnations of earth? Nothing lies between. A nothing so full of eternity’s heart its very beats are deeper than my being-hood can muster. Yet I’m there and called to be there. Between myself there’s nothing except worlds which I must anticipate: future worlds and past. My angel-hood enjoins me to step between.


Best wishes, today,
Jay Landar

Picture: Sunset near Lands End, by Thomas Moran

©Jay Landar 2013. All rights reserved
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