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The Woken – Dance of Death

Dance of Death

dance of death, dancing with death, dance of the macabre, dances of death, dancing death, dance of death lyrics, spiritual journey, spiritual enlightenment, winter, spiritual poetry, spiritual development, rebirth, love, light, enlightenment, lightonthepage, light on the page, jay landarAutumn draws on and the souls of the fallen prepare to rise and dance one more time with the red-lipped shades of night. At Halloween even the spinning leaves will have their last hour of life. The darkening year wears a mask, like a grimacing caricature of youth and love.

But who are the fallen, who are the lost and wounded whose bones take flesh again for this festival? I believe it is all of us. Our hearts and hands are stained with the juice of the autumn berries, by the gashes love has opened up through our falling into earth. In the youth of the world we lived like gods among the stars and Love was never far away. But now we are the woken, the ones who have opened our eyes to the world’s wide horizons. This is the path of evolution – within and without, and then a combining of both. The macabre figures of Halloween are nothing other than our own dancing, leering skeletons which we must lose, let go of, allow to fall into the earth. Let them revel for an hour, then life is free to look into the light again and into the Love it knew in more untroubled times.


The Woken

The garden bat has folded up his wings
and led the half-moon into dreary sleep.
The green and the red and the autumn gold
feed on dreams of youth and wake to old age.
Dawn is a flood-plain and never a peak –
the hungry crow will push across its width.
Will Love return for its fallen, its lost,
the wounded who wait for daylight to draw?

In those days when we knew the night was wise,
when our souls played like gods among the stars,
Love was never far – we called it by name –
and dawn was just its waking in our eyes.
But now the year is old, its leaves are curled
and blood-red berries wither in its arms.
Can we, the woken, lift our limbs again
and mingle with the red-lipped shades of night?


Best wishes, today,

Picture: La Chaise-Dieu, abbey church Saint-Victor, photo by Jean-Pol Grandmont

© Landar 2012. All rights reserved
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