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The Call to Purity

the call to purity

The call to purity. What a strange idea! When life is so vast – so full of rights and wrongs, desires, mistakes, unpleasantness, struggles for love – how can a call to purity be anything? How can it be a calling?

On my poetry-gathering trip to the park yesterday I saw a mother with two small twin daughters – identical twins no more than four. One of them turned and looked at me. In all my born days I’ve never seen such a look of wonder and purity on another human being’s face.

Why was the world created? Why does it continue and remain? Answer: because it heard the laughter of that little four year old child.

This is a fact. Now it’s also a fact that we have that pure being inside us as well. It makes a calling. It hears one. It pulls the earth into incarnation – or at least keeps it there. What would the earth do if there was only impurity? It would cease to exist – it would go away.

The pure being inside us knows all the facts of life. It knows the desire for love, the mistaken efforts, the failures. These things are also there within the four year old child’s eyes. And yet the calling is real. The pure self will have life, will have incarnation.

The very thing that makes the earth come into existence, and remain, is the same thing that brings us back into incarnation ourselves.

I struggle for these ideas and truths – and get them wrong – but the impulse to purity is still there. It creates all the world’s light and shadow, all the astonishing richness of animal instincts – and puts them through human beings. No wonder artists want to paint.


Best wishes, today,
Jay Landar

©Jay Landar 2013. All rights reserved
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